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January 31


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Here you were. Sitting on top of a drawer. You were a doll… but you had your own mind. So basically you can see everything and can think but you cannot talk or move by yourself. You had (hair colour), (eye colour) and wore a (favourite colour) dress. You always sat on top of the drawer, next to your owner’s bedside.

Your owner was a very young five year old girl named Viola. She was very frail and weak and she really needed someone to take care of her. However, you did wish you were human sized so you can help her out. You knew what happened to her. Her parents were killed in a fire when they went out to a friend’s house. Viola was in her house, sleeping so her parents didn’t want to wake her. Before she knew it, when she woke up, news were there and she was informed that they were dead. She was truly heartbroken. However, she was only three when it had happened. She must have forgotten… maybe. Now, she just lives with her aunt. She would take you everywhere in the house, sometimes outside. Viola never went to school because she didn’t have much money. So instead, her aunt home-schooled her.

One day, the five year old Viola was playing with a bunch of toys in her room. It was her 6th birthday today. There was a knock on the door and Viola’s aunt came in.

“Good morning, Vio. Happy Birthday!” Viola’s aunt said. “You birthday present is in the living room,” Viola got up excitedly and took hold of you and ran to the living room. In the living room, there was an extremely large box. Viola ran to the box, set you on the floor next to her and opened it. When she lifted the top of the box, she gasped. Inside was a man with his eyes closed. He had sandy blond hair with a cute cowlick, glasses and wore a bomber jacket.

“…Who is he?” Viola asked. Her aunt just laughed.

“His name is Alfred F. Jones. He’s a Hetaloid,” Viola’s aunt said.

“A H-Hetaloid? So… does he come to life?” Viola asked.

“Yep! To activate him you just have to yell ‘I need a hero!’ Don’t worry, he won’t attack you,” Viola’s aunt said.

“Okay… here goes nothing… I NEED A HERO!” Viola yelled. Almost instantly, Alfred jumped out the box, looking around.

“HAHA! The hero is here!” He shouted. Viola covered her ears from the loudness. Alfred looked down at Viola. “Oh hey there, dudette! Are you my master?” Viola nodded and Alfred smiled. “AWESOME! You are so cute, dudette!” he said. He picked her up and carried her in his arms. You still sat on the floor, listening to Alfred. You knew Viola was happy… just what you wanted. Soon, you felt eyes on you.

“Dudette, who’s this?” Alfred asked. He picked you up gently, looking right at you with his baby blue eyes.

“That’s my doll! She is my best friend! Her name is _________,” Viola said. “She is very pretty, isn’t she?”

“She is! Very beautiful,” Alfred complimented.

A couple months passed since Alfred was activated and it around a month away from Christmas. It was snowing and oh how you wished to play in it. You soon knew a lot about Alfred. You knew he was such an idiot, you knew he loved burgers and you knew he loved games. Also, above all, he loved little Viola. Alfred was very attached to her and would always protect her when she was sad. He would always be there when bullies teased her, he would be there when she was afraid of thunder and lightning and he would be there when she was upset. Soon, you grew to love him. However, you couldn’t talk to him.

Today, Viola’s friend was visiting. You knew Viola’s friend had a Hetaloid because she visited a few times. Her Hetaloid was called Arthur. He had blond hair and green eyes. You knew he was British and soon you knew he was Alfred’s brother.

You sat at the sofa, watching Alfred and Viola play hide-and-seek. It was Viola’s favourite game. Right now, Viola was hiding and Alfred was trying to find Viola. She was hiding under the sofa but she didn’t know that her foot was sticking out under the sofa. You saw Alfred come into the room and looked at her foot.

“Oh I wonder where my little Vio went… ________, do you know where she is?” Alfred asked, turning to you. He knew you couldn’t talk but it was supposed to make Viola laugh. After he said that, Viola let out a small giggle. Alfred smiled and went to the sofa and dragged Viola from under the sofa and then tickled her. “Found you!” he said. Viola laughed so hard, tears came out of her eyes.

Soon, the doorbell rang, signalling that Viola’s friend, Thea had arrived. Alfred went to the door and in came a girl, around the same age as Viola came in. Right after her, came a British Hetaloid.

“HAHA! Iggy, you are here!” Alfred said, running to him and then hugging him.

“Idiot, get off me!” he said. Meanwhile, Viola picked you up and placed you on her drawer. She went back outside to play with Thea. You mentally sighed and stayed there for a few hours. Once it was afternoon, you heard the door open. You thought it was Viola or Alfred but it was Arthur. He always came into Viola’s room whenever he visited because he would always try to use his magic to ‘take away’ the evil monsters Viola thought she had in her room. He did cast a spell anyways to form a magical barrier so no robber or murderer would get in.

So, you heard Arthur chanting his spell… but it sounded different from the last times he did it. He realised it too but it was too late. The spell had been activated. Arthur was facing you when he did the spell and a colourful beam was sent right to you, knocking you out. You were a doll but your mind shut off straight away.

You opened your eyes when you regained consciousness. Wait… eyes? You never had eyelids. You realised you were on the floor and you got up. You were very confused. You looked at yourself and noticed that you… became human.

“_________?” you heard a familiar voice said behind you. You looked behind you and saw a certain Hetaloid’s face. It was Alfred. You squeaked in surprise and stood up. Viola came into the room and saw you, in your human form. She had the happiest face you had seen in years.

“___________! I can’t believe it!” Viola said, running towards you and hugging you. You were still surprised but you hugged in return.

“W-why am I like this?” you asked. It was your first time talking and you were stammering.

“Well, I guess Iggy turned you when he casted a spell on this house. He told me that he accidentally hit you with his magic thing and you fell on the floor… He said that he put you back and then he left… I don’t think he knew that he turned you into a… human,” Alfred said.

“That doesn’t matter! You are real now! I can’t believe it! I am so happy. You are even prettier when you are like this!” Viola said, looking up at you.

“She’s right, you know,” Alfred said. Your cheeks heated up and there was a funny feeling in your heart. You never felt like this before… what was the feeling again? You forgot.
“Umm… _________? Can you, me and Al play a game of hide-and-seek?” Viola asked. You nodded a yes.

“Okay, I’ll count again,” Alfred said. He turned around and started to count. You took Viola’s hand and went to find a hiding spot. It was your first time walking so it was a new feeling. Viola went into the piano room while you then found a spot… right inside another closet in an old room. “Ready or not, here I come!” you heard Alfred said. What WAS that feeling? You keep feeling a fluttering feeling in your chest.

You heard footsteps pass you room but footsteps then came into the room.

“Hmm… I thought this door was always closed… maybe…” you heard Alfred said. He wasn’t too far from the closet. You heard Alfred’s footsteps near the closet. It was silent for a second then BAM! The closet doors opened and Alfred tackled you into a hug. “Found ya, _________!”

“Yes you did, Alfred. Now… you have to find Vio. I know where she is but I’m not saying a word where she is,” you said, crossing your arms.

“Okay… but I may know where she is…” Alfred said. He then went straight to the piano room. The piano room was Viola’s favourite room. She would always play with her aunt and Alfred would listen. He tried playing… but he was truly horrible. Alfred walked around the room and then went to the Grand Piano. He looked behind it and there she was. Viola was curled up behind it. She giggled and held her arms up at Alfred.

“Pick me up! Pick me up!” She said. Alfred smiled and picked her up. He really did have a soft spot for her. You smiled as you knew Viola really loved Alfred in a brotherly way. You wanted to see her be happy… if she was happy, so were you.

A couple weeks passed and it was closer to Christmas… however something tragic happened. When Viola’s aunt was driving back home from the groceries shop, she got into a car accident. Viola was so unhappy. She kept crying. She kept saying that everyone was slipping away from her… her parents now her aunt. You and Alfred kept comforting her when she had a breakdown.

“Come on, Vio… how about… oh, how about we play in the snow?” you suggested. You knew this would happen because you knew Viola loved the snow.

“O-okay,” Viola said, her voiced all cracked. The three of you went outside with your jackets and boots. After a few seconds of being in the snow, a snowball fight was initiated. It was a team snow battle. You and Viola against Alfred. You guys built snow forts near the forest. You built the snowballs while Viola threw them. Whenever Alfred got hit, he acted all dramatic as if he got shot with a gun.

“Hey, guys, I’m going inside for a moment, okay? I’m getting some hot chocolate,” Viola said. “But continue the battle okay? ________, go kick his butt!”

You laughed and agreed. You threw the remaining snowballs at Alfred. Alfred skilfully dodged them and smiled at you with his white teeth. You heart pounded. You still didn’t know that feeling… What was it?

As you threw the last snowball, Alfred dodged it but then slipped. He fell and he accidentally hit his head against a nearby boulder. He laid on the floor, not moving. You gasped and ran to him. You shook Alfred but he didn’t move. However, his hair started to change into a red-ish colour… it was so strange.

After a couple of minutes, he regained consciousness. This time… he had red eyes and a very evil looking smiled.

‘This… this must be his 2p form… hold up… wait! If he turns into his 2p form… when he turns back… he wouldn’t be… alive anymore… this cannot happen… this is my fault!’ you thought worriedly. Right at that moment, Viola came back.
“I’m back guys!” Viola said happily.

“Viola get back!” You yelled. Alfred looked at you. He then pulled a bloody baseball bat and pointed at you.

“I’m going to kill you…” he murmured. Viola was so scared; she didn’t know what to do. She ran back inside the house, crying loudly. You didn’t want her to get killed by Alfred. You ran into the forest, knowing Alfred was behind you. You ran through the trees, trying to lose him. Finally, you stopped and looked back. Alfred was there… but it seemed like he was weakened. He fell to the floor and his hair changed back to normal. You knew he didn’t have much time left so you ran towards him.

“A-Alfred! Don’t die… please! I know you will be gone… This is what happens when Hetaloids get hit on the head… please don’t go… you still have Viola to see. She’s going to be so unhappy. You don’t want that, right? She loves you like a brother…” you said. You then felt tears falling and onto Alfred.

“I… I know. But… this had to happen. I’ll have to go. Please take care of my little Vio…” Alfred said softly as his voice started to drift away. “And I wanted to tell you… ever since I saw you as a doll… I… lo-“ Alfred’s voice stopped and his eyes went dull.
“Al… please tell me this is a joke… AL!” you shouted, shaking Alfred’s shoulders. But… life for a Hetaloid didn’t work that way. Oh how you wished that you could turn back time and wished that you didn’t suggest going into the snow… now you just made Viola even more unhappy.

You went back into the house and Viola noticed that Alfred wasn’t with you. She knew. She cried… and cried… and cried. This time, you didn’t comfort her. This time, you cried with her. You let all of your feelings out.

A day later, you and Viola had a little funeral for Alfred. You didn’t care how weird it sounded because you knew he would be in a better place. In a place he dreamed of. A place besides the house he, you and Viola lived. You went to the place Alfred was buried and placed a single red rose on it. You knew he loved roses.

“Bye Alfred… I know we will meet again. It may not be today… or tomorrow… or the next month… or next year. It may not be even in this lifetime… but I know we will meet again,” you whispered. And you knew deep down inside, you knew Alfred could hear you. One day… you two will meet.

Now, many, many years passed and you watched as Viola grew up. She grew up into a beautiful, independent woman. Also, every day you would think about Alfred. You would never forget about him and you knew he wouldn’t forget about him. Viola didn’t forget about him but she didn’t like to talk about it. She always kept a picture of you, Alfred and her when the three of you were playing in the snow one day.

Today was the day. You knew this day would come. You had a plan. You were at Theas house with Viola. Viola already knew you had a plan and she didn’t want to cry about it. You went to Arthur and told him your plan. He was shocked but agreed. He took you to his magic room. You stood in the middle of a magic circle and Arthur started to chant. You started to get dizzy then you fell to the floor. You saw Viola by the door. You smiled at her.

“Goodbye… my little Vio... Remember that no matter how old you would get, you would still be my little Vio.. We shall meet again,” you whispered to you. You saw tears running down Viola’s cheeks but you knew she was trying to be brave. You knew now was the time she should move on. And she did too. You landed on the floor with a thud. Viola went to you and picked you up.

“So… this is it… right, _________? Just like the old days,” Viola whispered as she saw looked at a familiar doll with (hair colour) hair and (eye colour) eyes. The doll wore a (favourite colour) dress. You were a doll again… but this time… you had no mind.
You woke up with a start. You were in an unfamiliar place… it was a place with mountains and the sky was so blue and there were no clouds in the sky. It seemed familiar… it was the place Alfred would always say that he wanted to be the most. You were curious and started to talk around the grassy mountains. Soon, you saw someone sitting at the base of a mountain. You walked closer and saw it was a man. You got closer. It was a man with a bomber jacket. You got closer. It was a man with sandy blond hair. You got even closer. The man had a cowlick. You gasped and ran towards him and hugged him. The man gasped and smiled.

“I told you, _________. I told you we would meet again,” the man whispered as he stroked your hair.

You remember now. You now remember. You remembered the feeling. You liked the word.

HI! This is a contest entry! I hope I will win<img src="…">. Good luck for the other writers out there that is entering this competition...
This is my first contest every on dA so don't judge me! This took me forever to do...
Character: Himaruya Hidekaz

Contest Entry: :iconayano-otori:
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Iceland4 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Aweee sad but sweet
RandomPerson1011 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014  Student Writer
Thanks! Glad you liked it.
Iceland4 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
:( it was sad though. I hope i see my real first love soon like that... He was killed last october..
RandomPerson1011 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014  Student Writer
*is sorry for the extremely late reply*

Aww. I hope you find one soon. If it doesn't bother you, may I ask what killed him? You don't have to answer if you don't want to.
Iceland4 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
He was hit by a car a year ago on the 4th this october
FullBusterMetalZoro1 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sorry this is ah a late many reader inserts to get to, and they keep pilin up. I read around 8 a night too! Ugh.

anyways! Awesome story, I freaking loved it. You made my feels break and all when Alfred's conscience disappeared. Listening to "Animal I have Become" didn't help me. Nor did "Blood" by MCR. But I loved the plot line and creativity. Your mechanics and grammar were nice, and I hope you did/do well in the competition.
RandomPerson1011 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2014  Student Writer
I know that feeling... But i have to actually write readers and I actually opened a request journal... I only did one out of all of them... I kinda maybe or maybe not have forgotten about them.

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. It took me a while to do this because I was kinda busy.
I love MCR! One of my favourite bands.

I did do well, actually. I didn't get the top 3 but I did get an honourable mention where I get a llama badge and a story. Good enough for me,
FullBusterMetalZoro1 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Haha yeah, requests may get a little insane. ^^; 

Well, indeed, it is a good work of yours. 
Same. They're amazing, and it's a shame they had to break up. Do you know Linkin Park and Three Days Grace?

Haha well congratulations! 
Ayano-Otori Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you! I have received your contest entry! Good luck!

And I'm sorry! I must have accidentally deleted the note. But I guess that's why I made up this system of commenting. So, thanks for participating!!!
RandomPerson1011 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2014  Student Writer
Okay, thanks!

And no problem. I'm just glad you have my entry... Since it's only a few days away.
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